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Monica Malave, CEO of Elevate It Now
“Should I rebrand?” is a question that I get on a weekly basis and I’m going to provide you with six compelling reasons why you should rebrand. Rebranding can be
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Are you looking to get started with your blog? Whether a business blog, personal blog or lifestyle blog I am going to provide you with six easy steps on how
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What do you mean “You Don’t Have a Social Media Marketing Strategy?” I know that this may sound like a dumb question in this day and age but there are
Instagram Marketing Works
Instagram Marketing Works If You Work It and here are six Tips on How to Generate Referrals with Instagram Marketing! There is no doubt in my mind otherwise I wouldn’t
As you all know Social Media is here to stay!  If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon or are wondering where to get started, this blog will help you do
Website Oh Beautiful Website – What Do I Do With Thee and Can I Afford Thee?  As business owners, we all come to this crossroad many times wondering what we
“I Don’t Need Social Media – I Have Plenty of Business!” This is what I hear often from my colleagues and co-workers in my real estate business circles. I sat
I probably get this question asked at least once a day from not just my clients but my neighbors, friends and family members.  Although my lending days are now over