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Six Tips on How to Generate Referrals with Instagram Marketing

Are you ready to learn how to generate referrals for your business with Instagram Marketing? Instagram Marketing Works If You Work It and I’m going to provide you with “Six Tips on How to Generate Referrals” with Instagram Marketing! There is no doubt in my mind of the power of Instagram Marketing for Business’ otherwise I wouldn’t be spending my time creating original content for my audience nor would I be creating the same for my clients. For the record, I manage eight Instagram accounts that are growing and providing results for our clients. So, if anyone tells you differently – they are going about it all wrong.

If your efforts aren’t providing you results, then you need to step back and analyze your content, posting times, hashtags used and engagement or why you may not be getting any. Period. Be careful of folks who try to provide you tips that may discourage you from posting the type of content you need to post and before you take their tips to heart, look at their account and ask yourself these questions:

Instagram Feed Branding

Is their Instagram account feed look professional and branded? Does it have a consistent look about it? Or is it all over the place? Are they using a filter, logo, same type of imaging throughout their posts? Check out this 2019 Color Trends Guide, created by the award-winning Brand Strategist and Founder of Nicte Creative Design, Nicte Cuevas, for branding ideas that will help you create a well-branded feed that will represent your brand.

Instagram Bio

Look at their bio information. Is it clear on what they do and the solutions they provide to their audience or are they just all over the place with useless information? Check out these cool examples.


Are they getting engagement on their post or acknowledging comments they have received from their audience? Even if they have 1,000+ likes, is their comments on the posts? Likes can be easily purchased and it happens all the time. Look at the authenticity of any comments. Are there comments from robots or is there a genuine conversation going on in the posts? Those can be bought too! Don’t be fooled by the likes and look in deeper to the post and the conversations that are taking place. Check out my tips on engagement and other Instagram Pros in this featured Tailwind App Blog – Instagram Engagement Tips from the Pros!


Is their Instagram account growing in followers? Even at a slow pace is fine as long as they are growing. This shows you that the content they are providing is adding value to their audience and therefore a great sign that you are following an amazing account. Follow true experts besides Elevate It Now.  Alex Tooby is awesome and has been marketing on Instagram for a long time and is constantly sharing tips on what you can do to succeed.


What type of content are they posting? Are they educating, entertaining, inspiring and delighting you in the journey? If not, move on to the next amazing account.

Consistency in Posting

When was the last time they posted? Is the account posting on a daily or weekly basis? It is recommended that business accounts post at least three to five days a week. Are they doing that? If the answer is no, then move on! They are not taking their efforts seriously and therefore you shouldn’t either.

These are some clear details you should be looking before you even approach an individual for help. There are many amazing accounts to follow on Instagram and folks who will be happy to help you with tips, do’s and don’ts (like me!). And just like everywhere, there is a lot of crappy accounts and so-called “experts” that are more than willing to give you shitty tips because they really don’t know squat or care about you. So, before you ask for help, make sure you look at some of the things that I mentioned above. You can always ask me too because I do care about your success and would hate to think that someone has been pulling their hair out on some shitty advice. Because Instagram DOES work if you work it.

Need help creating an awesome Instagram Marketing Strategy? Reach out to us! We can help. Schedule your consultation NOW.

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